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Corporate pride. Company wide.

Event Awards

Strategic event awards accomplish what nothing else can.



For binding people together around a common cause, there’s nothing better than a shared celebration.



It’s a rare and wonderful thing when every employee receives a memento to honor a moment in time.



When you reinforce a specific goal with a symbolic award to every employee, the idea sticks. The dream takes hold.



Mergers, acquisitions, shifting strategies. When you need to rally the troops, set the stage with a shared award.

Unlike any other form of recognition, the corporate event unites an entire culture. Our event awards reinforce purpose, communicate values, and connect each team member to a bigger vision across teams, departments, and continents.

More Than Just a Ring.

The Olympic Team Rings symbolize more than just achievement. They represent hard work, years of sacrifice, and an inner greatness that unites and dazzles the world. They are as unique as each athlete. An emblem that can tell their story. We are grateful to be part of the journey to PyeongChang by manufacturing each individual ring—an honor we’ve had since 2000.
Go Team USA!

Your event. Our expertise.

Whatever the opportunity, we’ll create a rewarding experience.

The right award can become an unforgettable symbol of your event. One that communicates long after the celebration is over. We’ll help you find a gift that matches your circumstance, budget, and desired impact. Add messaging to an existing gift or let us custom design and make your award from scratch.

A Symbol. A Story.

Symbols are powerful when they stand for something big you’ve accomplished together. They reinforce your culture. Your brand. Your story.

Safety, Wellness, Etc.

Whether you’re embarking on a journey toward zero injuries or celebrating bike-to-work day, we can help you turn moments into memories.


10 years, 25 years, 100 years. A corporate anniversary is a good time to remind people they are part of something bigger. Something important.


Even positive change gets people talking. Keep the talk upbeat and focused on the future with awards that clarify your vision.


Holidays are a great time to show appreciation for people who get things done. Don’t miss an opportunity to surprise and delight.

3, 2, 1, LAUNCH

A kickoff can never be too big. Or too exciting. So if you’re about to bring something great into the world, celebrate with a symbolic keepsake.


When you partner with us for an event award, your worries are over. In fact, we think you’ll have a memorable experience with our team, co-creating an award your company will love.

Customer Service

From working weekends on emergency orders, to hand-delivering awards in a pinch, we go the extra kilometer.

 Global Sourcing

We have connections all over the world that shortcut your search to the coolest, most impactful awards imaginable.

 Flawless Logistics

Our world-class logistics ensure your gifts arrive on time. Fully translated, coordinated, and looking great.

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