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When Yearbook is part of your culture, workplace anniversaries are more meaningful, more memorable, and more fun. It’s how careers were meant to be celebrated.



Yearbook comes in two distinct packages, offering scalable enterprise features to fit your organization’s needs and goals.


The essentials for building a thriving employee service award program.

Features include

Digital & printed Yearbook

A personalized keepsake that is both digital and printed, Yearbook connects employees with their colleagues in a meaningful way.

Best in Class Service Awards

Thousands of award experience options (merchandise, jewelry, travel, keepsake trophies) from the world’s top brands like Macy's, Best Buy, Groupon, Starbucks, and more are automatically redeemable by recognized employees.

An enhanced ordering experience to deliver automated and real-time award redemption. Address Verification is faster and more upstream than today’s redemption and includes worldwide address accuracy. Plus featured, recommended, and personalized products. And no lines at checkout.

Anniversary List & languages

Make career celebrations contagious by broadcasting accomplishments on a company-wide social feed, where everyone (or just some) can view, like, comment, and pile on the praise. Yearbook can be deployed natively in 17 standard languages.

Leader & Peer comment reminders

Bolster participation with automatic prompts for employees and leaders to leave a comment or upload a photo or video in a colleague's Yearbook.

Reporting & analytics

Follow program activity, track award logistics, keep an eye on budget and spend, manage comments, and much, much more.

Using industry-standard data privacy, Yearbook encrypts data both in transit and at rest.

View staff profiles to learn their company values and retrieve data about recognition they've sent and received.

Customer & IT success team

With a customer success manager to project-manage and IT team for tech support, your program is sure to launch strong and thrive fast.

Multi-channel user support

Your staff can call or email with any questions.

Anniversaries and birthdays

Help employees feel appreciated by automatically notifying leadership of anniversaries and birthdays so they can make comments and share publicly or privately.

Presentation tips

Leaders have access to a collection of tools to learn how to easily create personal, memorable career celebrations for their employees. These concepts help leaders schedule the event, invite others to speak, plan remarks, and make the presentation to make each celebration personal.

Dedicated client success team

Your day-to-day expert for anything related to your program, including guidance on reporting and program results, recognition best practices, program strategy, program functionality, invoice, setup, and more.

Standard communication play library

Choose from templated communication campaigns to build awareness, encourage participation, and deepen understanding.

Yearbook Premium

The most advanced, customizable service award solution on the market.

All Yearbook features plus

Brand foundation development

O.C. Tanner’s worldclass creative team will partner with your organization to customize your Yearbook experience so it is authentic to your company culture and aligns to your organization’s brand style. All aspects of the design and messaging will adhere to your brand guide.

Branded program theme

O.C. Tanner's implementation team will theme your program and emails with your company logo and with colors that match your company's brand.

Customized communication plays

O.C. Tanner’s in-house design team will customize communication campaigns to reflect the brand style (look and tone of voice) of your organization for maximum impact. These campaigns start with a standard set of communication vehicles (e.g., emails, quick guides, posters, flyers, PPT with talking points, intranet banner and article) that can be enhanced to achieve the best possible mix of communication touchpoints.

Pricing for Customized Communication Plays provided upon request.

Language support

O.C. Tanner can support any language you need.

Custom award certificates

Make every service anniversary extra special with a printable, customizable reward certificate.

Expert services

Design your employee experience with help from our experts. Whether it's about culture, recognition, or employee experience, our expert service consultants can partner with you to design and deliver a thriving workplace culture.


How does O.C. Tanner save my company money?

We make awards available at market prices, so when your employees get to redeem their points, there is more budget and more awards. We charge a software fee and one-time implementation fee. On the whole, we deliver the industry's best value and most positive impact on workplace culture.    

Do you offer service awards?

Yes. Our team of award experts helps you turn career achievements into lasting memories. We offer a comprehensive warranty on all awards and a 90-day no questions asked exchange policy.

Is O.C. Tanner a good fit for my company?

O.C. Tanner fosters recognition-rich cultures primarily for large enterprises with 1,000 or more employees. Over 4,000 companies worldwide use our Culture Cloud suite to recognize great work, including Dow Chemical, U.S. Bank, Old Dominion Freight, and Siemens.

What ROI can I expect from O.C. Tanner?

Companies that use O.C. Tanner report higher employee engagement and productivity; individual employees report increased happiness and motivation. When employees are engaged, motivated and happy at work, turnover rates decrease significantly. Companies typically spend more than twice the value of an annual salary to fill highly-skilled roles. By directly addressing the factors that contribute to turnover, O.C. Tanner is an investment in your employees that supports your bottom line.

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