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Prometheus Real Estate

Prometheus Real Estate Group is the largest private owner of multifamily properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been named to Fortune’s 2017 100 Best Small and Medium Companies list and have more than 15,000 metropolitan-area apartments in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Portland.

The Problem

In 2010 Prometheus had a recognition program in place, however it wasn’t consistent or easy to use. The recognition was only coming from the top, there was no branded platform, and only 1 out of 4 people were being recognized companywide.

“The problem we were having with the previous recognition program was that we didn’t know the criteria of the awards. The awards were also not presented by a manager or leader. It didn’t feel personal and it didn’t feel special. It really wasn’t consistent,” says Tracey Katayama, HR Manager.

The Solution

In 2013 they made the switch to O.C. Tanner. Now, more than two-thirds of the people at Prometheus are being recognized. They have doubled their number of recognition moments within 3 years going from only 1300 recognition moments to over 2600.

“The O.C. Tanner platform is immediate, consistent, and definitely looks and feels like Prometheus,” says Katayama. “The numbers speak miles, but the look on people’s faces is really what says the most.”

The entire program was completely designed around the Prometheus brand. Using the Promethean language, look, and feel, they now truly have a platform that doesn’t look like a third party.

“We were able to customize almost everything, and that’s a big deal. I’ve worked with quite a few vendors where more often than not you hear ‘no.’ O.C. Tanner was not like that. They made the whole solution feel like Prometheus,” says Katayama.  

O.C. Tanner was also able to help Prometheus create a gift catalog that also felt like Prometheus.

“We actually got to pick the gifts at every level. O.C. Tanner allowed us to really think through ‘what do our folks really want?’” says Katayama. “The catalog only has gifts that our Prometheans will truly enjoy.”

In 2014, Prometheus decided to expand their performance only recognition solution and implement a Milestones program to celebrate years of dedication and contribution to the Prometheus team. They started with celebrating years 3, 5, 10 and every 5 after that. However, in 2016 they decided to implement a Milestone celebration for years 1 and 7.

“The entire reason we introduced milestones 1 and 7, which had been missing before, was because those years were where we were losing employees. Once those milestones were implemented we saw amazing results. We started to retain those vulnerable folks,” says Katayama.

Now, Prometheus has celebrated over 260 Milestone moments, over 3,000 recognition moments for above and beyond work, and has a completely customized program for their Prometheans.

 “O.C. Tanner simply doesn’t put us in a box. They moved our recognition program to the next level, ” says Katayama. 

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