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Topic: Culture

5 New Workplace Culture Insights You Must Know

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Improving workplace culture is an ongoing priority for most organisations. But company culture can be an ever-moving target, and the modern workforce evolves every day. Not getting culture right can lead to time and resources spent on initiatives that don’t have an impact or improve the employee experience.

Brand new research from the 2020 Global Culture Report* shows 5 new insights about workplace culture that most organisations miss but need to know about.

1)    Everyday experiences matter

Companies want to improve their employee experience, but often focus on developing programs that target key milestones in the employee lifecycle (onboarding, leadership development, retirement, etc.) Companies wait until employees reach a certain phase–like getting promoted–and then include them in a special program to interact with them. Most employee experience initiatives tend to be generic, top down, and not meaningful to individual employees.

The reality is that employees think of their employee experience as their everyday experience. All the small conversations, interactions, things they see and hear every single day make up their employee experience. This means the trash they see in the parking lot on the walk into work, the bad conversation they had with a grumpy colleague Monday morning, a computer that once again doesn’t work, or not talking with their leader for an entire week all can contribute to a negative employee experience. Conversely, things like a great one-on-one meeting with their leader, supportive colleagues asking about their weekend and swapping fun stories, receiving a note of thanks from a team member, and being invited to participate in a new special project can all lead to a positive employee experience.

When employees have great everyday experiences, they feel more positive about other areas of company culture: connecting to a purpose, feeling a sense of opportunity, finding success, feeling appreciated, having strong wellbeing, and being positive about leadership. They are also more engaged and more likely do more great work, be innovative, provide excellent customer service, and be more productive. 

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