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Topic: Appreciation

4 ways to evolve your employee recognition program after challenging times

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As the workplace continues to redefine the new normal, you may be re-evaluating a few of your employee engagement initiatives. At a time where budgets may be tight and company financial performance can be uncertain, you might be tempted to cut back on employee recognition.


Employee recognition has a positive impact on workplace culture in the best of times, and that effect is multiplied during challenging times. At the height of the pandemic, employees that were recognised in the prior 7 days were 103% more likely to feel supported by the organisation and 59% more likely to trust their leader. There was also a 47% increase in employee engagement and innovation (it’s worth noting the impact of recognition was stronger during the pandemic than during pre-pandemic times).

But when formal employee recognition is not present (whether it was never offered or was put on hold during the pandemic) employees were 23% less likely to feel supported by the organisation and were twice as fearful of COVID-19. Organisations without a formal recognition program also had a 48% decrease in engagement and 20% higher intent to leave.

Recognition is more important than ever in times of crisis. So what adjustments should you make to your recognition program as the workplace evolves?

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