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Topic: Leadership

Leading in unfamiliar times

3 leadership trends for 2021

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The past year has turned the workplace upside down and leaders, tasked with managing teams and inspiring performance, have had to find new ways to lead in unfamiliar circumstances. So what’s next for leaders as we enter 2021? Read on for 3 leadership trends all leaders should be prepared for in the next year.

1. Leading remotely – for the long haul.


At the beginning of the pandemic, many companies went remote. Managers were suddenly tasked with helping their teams transition and thrust into a new leadership environment. How do I manage performance remotely? How do I stay connected with my people? How can I motivate from afar?

Most leaders thought these changes would be short-lived, however remote work looks to be here for a while. Companies like Google and Facebook have extended their remote work policy until summer of 2021 (or even later), and other companies are looking to make remote work a more permanent part of their policies. At the same time, employees are feeling the effects of social distancing, isolation, and Zoom fatigue. How can leaders better lead remotely for what will likely be an indefinite amount of time?

• Build strong connections. Connect employees to purpose by showing how their work furthers your organisation’s purpose. Connect to accomplishment by recognising and celebrating successes. Connect employees to one another through virtual gatherings or opportunities for collaboration. When employees are physically disconnected, it’s more important than ever to help them feel they are still part of the team and that they belong.

There are a variety of tools out there, like O.C. Tanner’s Culture Cloud, that can make it easy for leaders to create meaningful connections for their people and build positive team cultures, even when everyone is apart. 

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