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Years of Service Awards

How employee awards and appreciation should be done.

With service awards as part of your culture, workplace anniversaries are more meaningful, more memorable, and more fun.

A symbol. A story.
Culture, commitment and pride.

Symbols are powerful because they stand for something. Something meaningful. Something unique to you and your organisation. They can’t be bought at the store. They are earned and cherished.

We offer the world's widest variety of awards from brands you trust.

Some brands, like people, simply radiate greatness. That’s why we search the world’s top brands for achievement-worthy awards. By offering the best of the best, we help ensure recipients choose awards that make them feel appreciated.

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A Citizen watch that can be offered as a corporate service award | O.C. Tanner
A stack of rings that can be given as years of service awards | O.C. Tanner
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A bike that is an employee performance recognition award option |O.C. Tanner
Kate Spade sunglasses given as an employee recognition award | O.C. Tanner
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A sampling of our award partners.

Logos representing several of O.C. Tanner's employee recognition award partners

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