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Do work that makes a difference people love.

Fuel Great Work

Other recognition companies often speak as though engagement is the ultimate goal. While engagement is important, it’s not the final destination. Engagement must be directed toward helping people consistently deliver great work; service that delights, ideas that improve, results people love.

Discover the world's largest-ever study of award-winning work.

Our Great Work Study and the New York Times bestseller it inspired showcase how innovation can come from anyone, anywhere. Learn five practical skills that will help your people ideate and innovate to drive personal and team improvement. See study highlights.

Inspire and sustain great work.

Effective recognition creates patterns of accomplishment that increase over time.

Encouraging effort fuels daily value-creating activities. Rewarding results drives constant improvement. Celebrating careers sustains performance over time. Doing all three together creates and maintains a culture of great work.

Recent research reveals the number one thing a company or manager could do to cause great work is in fact recognition.

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