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Get great ideas flowing everywhere.


Proactive thinking. New products. Brilliant solutions that make life better. It’s no surprise that innovation is the lifeblood of every industry. The surprise is that O.C. Tanner’s approach to recognition causes innovation to nearly double.

Appreciate your way to innovation.

Strong recognition equals nearly twice as many great ideas and improved efficiency.

Surprising recognition insights.

People need to do something great at least once a month. Above and beyond recognition impacts innovation more than a cash bonus. Discover these insights and more in our look at 7 million recognition moments combined with third-party research. Discover 6 powerful recognition insights.

Learn more about innovation.

Innovation begins with the right question.

Social Appreciation makes innovation visible.

Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. The key to a culture of innovation is to make great work visible for everyone to celebrate. Our proprietary eButtons, eCards and Wall of Fame amplify accomplishments 6x by letting coworkers see, like and comment on every great idea.

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