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A unique experience for every accomplishment.

Awards Strategy

What does a moment in the spotlight feel like? Which awards create a lasting impression? Is a gift card enough? Sometimes. Is a gift card always appropriate? Probably not. We pour our imagination into creating recognition moments that surprise, delight and help employees savor moments of success.

Some companies recommend gift cards only.

We offer the world's widest variety of awards.

Gift cards are great. Unless that’s all you ever get.

Status equal to the achievement.

Gifts people want. Brands people love.

Some brands, like people, simply radiate greatness. That’s why we search the world’s top brands for achievement-worthy awards. By offering the best of the best, we help ensure recipients choose awards that make them feel appreciated.

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A sampling of our award partners.

A symbol. A story.

Culture, commitment and pride.

Symbols are powerful because they stand for something. Something meaningful. Something unique to you and your organisation. They can’t be bought at the store. They are earned and cherished.

Trophies and symbolic awards.

Evidence of victory.

The most sought after awards have bragging rights attached. Victory crowns. Olympic medals. Oscars. Those who can’t make them may label trophies passé. But as true believers, we know trophies have always played an important role in human history and they always will.

Exclusively from O.C. Tanner.

Immediate. Impactful. Fun.

It takes one part creativity and two parts investment in manufacturing and logistics to pull off proprietary award lines that surprise and delight. These are awards you simply can’t get anywhere else. Recipient tested. Client approved.

Awards That Count 

Our flexible Numerals™ collection combine a meaningful number with your logo, corporate imagery and the recipient’s name.

Custom Award Creation

We work with you to start from scratch and craft a meaningful symbol for any programme or event.

Collectible Buttons

Our ever-expanding library of buttons offers a fun and clever way to say “good job” for people to collect and display.

Presentation Awards 

Our Bravo suite of customisable certificates, presentation folders, frames and boxes help make presentations remarkable.

Olympic-sized recognition.

Since 2000 we have partnered with Team USA to create rings for every Olympic and Paralympic team member.

Truly global solutions.

Gift cards and vouchers make global reward programmes easy. That’s why almost everyone has them, including us. We just go a step further with boots on the ground, local sourcing, shipping from 19 countries and more.

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