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Enabling human awesomeness.

Innovative Technology

Our industry-leading technology isn’t about bits and bytes. It’s about people inspiring people to greatness. That goes deeper than our world-class recognition software. Technology lives inside everything we do.


We’re no startup, it’s true. Supporting thousands of enterprise clients worldwide, our technology is reliable, secure, scalable and built to last. Our software partners are the best in the business. Regardless of your company’s size, it’s reassuring to know your recognition solution is powered by the best.

Partnering with the world’s leader in database software helps us deliver consistent, reliable, 24/7 uptime.

Choosing to partner with SAP is, in part, responsible for our amazing 99% on-time delivery.

Purchasing the leading CRM software is just another way we keep our solutions best-in-class.

Our Great Work Platform.

Align. Reward. Measure. Celebrate.

O.C. Tanner’s Great Work Platform integrates all your social, performancecareer achievement, wellness, safety and other programmes together in the cloud. Our online award selection and suite of powerful talent management tools come along for the ride. Smart, intuitive, useful, fun, social, mobile and effective only begin to describe the Great Work Platform.

Smarts™ analytics.

Manage programmes, people and performance.

Our Smarts suite helps you use insights from employee recognition to fine-tune your programme, manage talent and improve business results. Discover what Smarts can do for you.

Results rule 

We partner with you to understand which outcomes are critical to your success. Then we provide cloud-based analytics, dashboards and reports that help you tweak programme results until every last goal is exceeded.

Skills Finder 

Skills Finder helps everyone see their strengths thru the eyes of peers. So employees can discover what they might be best at, and leaders can spot employees with the skills they need.


Get the big picture on activity, utilisation, and reach. Compare groups and time periods to foster healthy team competition, spot trends and discover best practices worth sharing.


See who’s being recognised to identify top performers, spot future leaders and more. See who’s doing the recognising, to understand team chemistry, and identify your best collaborators.


Smarts emails push the most current data to employees and managers so they can quickly see who’s doing great work this week and year-to-date on their desktop or mobile device.


Create your own custom reports for accounting, payroll, business tracking and administrative needs. Use budgeting tools to set spending limits, reallocate funds and adjust budgets as needed.

Appreciation anywhere

Our email recognition lets you appreciate great work via email anytime, anywhere. Just type your thanks, cc: your program and the Great Work Platform does the rest. Your praise is tracked, recorded and broadcasted company-wide.

Tanner Labs.

A history of innovation. A future of acceleration.

We have a history of firsts. First emblematic awards. First lifestyle awards. First web-based recognition solution. Social before social was cool. Now we’ve added Tanner Labs, our nimble R&D think tank, to rapidly imagine the future of performance and wellness programs, mobile apps, gamification, big data, predictive analytics and more.

The art and science of one-of-a-kind.

19 million unique experiences annually.

It takes a staggering amount of technical prowess to track the achievements of 19 million recipients and craft individual, personalised symbols of achievement for every last one by hand. But we believe every accomplishment is worth it.

Each Yearbook™
celebrates the one.

Every Yearbook we produce is a one-off, personal journey thru time. Electronic AND print-on-demand. With comments and photos from peers, leaders, family and friends. Explore Yearbook.

Personalized trophies and emblems.

We build our trophies and emblems by hand. One at a time. Often with culture-specific imagery, corporate logos, the recipient’s name and accomplishment. Each becomes a badge of honour worth cherishing. Talk to an expert.

Every delivery matters.

We don’t rest until every individual moment in the spotlight is delivered. Our world-class logistics track and ship each recognition moment, with 99% on-time delivery. Delivered to 1 or 10,000 employees at once. We never miss a beat.

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