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Local experiences from Beijing to Belfast.

True Global

We're everywhere you are

It's critical to choose a recognition partner whose global footprint matches your own. At O.C. Tanner, we have 8,000+ clients of which 600 are top multi-national businesses including American Express, Dow Chemical and Informatica. Talk to us about globalising your recognition programme.

Understanding cultural nuances.

People the world over love being recognised for their efforts at work. But how that’s best delivered varies by country, by culture and by degree. Check out the insights our O.C. Tanner research team uncovered in their travels to nine different countries.

Daunted by global? Don’t be.

It all starts with choosing the right partner.

Complexity, translations, taxation, award offerings: Knowing what to look for in your recognition partner is critical for success.  To help in your selection, we’ve created a checklist of requirements that should be considered.

Recognising you in your language

Some recognition companies say they support different languages but their efforts are not fully integrated. For example, the CEO message may be in the local language, but the award descriptions and the order instructions are in English. Our translations are in-depth. Complete. Just like you’d expect them to be.

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