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Standout Features

Flight-Risk Dashboard

Visualize the connection between recognition and retention. See which employees are at risk of leaving in a simple dashboard.


Culture Cloud includes Initiatives—the ability for teams to focus, rally, and bond together with their own goals and custom rewards.

Service Awards Integration

Culture Cloud can also integrate with years of service awards. The highest ROI comes when you combine our Yearbook and merchandise with symbols of accomplishment.

Group Points Deposit

Culture Cloud includes a fast and easy way to appreciate everyone at once—from entire teams to the whole company—thanks to Group Points Deposit.

“Recognition is one of those things we depend on. It’s the greatest retention tool in the world.”

Russell Cox, President and CEO, Norton Healthcare

“We are able to recognize everybody, and through that alignment it creates a unification of our whole team.”

Laurence C. Gumina, President/CEO, Ohio Living

“Having an easy and effective way to recognize our colleagues across the company is a crucial part of American’s culture.”

Ron Defeo, Senior Vice President of Global Engagement, American Airlines


Only 21%

of workplaces worldwide have highly integrated recognition.


Recognition Buyer’s Guide Series

Read our 5-part Recognition Buyer’s Guide on how to choose the right employee recognition software.

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See What Culture Cloud™ Clients Think

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