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Culture with a Purpose

AstraZeneca has a vibrant culture. From senior leaders to employees, everyone is passionate about the commitment the company makes to science and patients worldwide. Because of this, AstraZeneca has a strong reputation of not only being a great place to work but also having a culture of appreciation.

AstraZeneca has used recognition to connect employees to their corporate values and purpose for years. By doing so they have increased collaboration across the organisation. Their recognition solutions are key to attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. Their formal recognition platform also makes it easy for leaders to see the great work and contributions being made by their people both at headquarters and out in the field.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 98% of employees recognised at least once in just the first quarter of this year
  • 98% of users satisfied with giving recognition
  • 89% of recipients loved their recognition experience    

Liz Moran, Senior Director of Talent Development in North America, also talks about the impact recognition has had on not only AstraZeneca’s culture, but how it helps employees have a direct line-of-sight to how their work ties into the broader business strategies.

“It was perfect. It was wonderful to be recognised and know that I am valued by both my manager, team and corporate team.” Award Recipient

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