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Attracting Top Talent With Recognition

Telligen is a population health management company with a mission to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare for consumers and providers. Telligen’s long term vision is to be one of the most sought after companies to change the healthcare system.

With over 800 employees across the U.S., Telligen has successfully created a business model that has become a magnet for attracting great talent. In 2013, Telligen transitioned to a 100% employee-owned company, providing employee-owners the opportunity to have a financial stake in the future success of the organization. Telligen owes its success to its talented employee-owners, strong corporate culture, and value-based mission.

With a desire to nurture Telligen’s culture, Director of Human Resources Mary Alice Hill, researched how her team could further acknowledge and celebrate employee-owners’ achievements. She began evaluating recognition options and proposed a new program to the company’s top leaders.

“Recognition has a big impact on the overall culture at a company and its future. It’s important when people see their work is being appreciated,” says Hill. “We considered many vendors, evaluated proposals, and followed a rigorous process to select the right recognition partner. We were attracted to O.C. Tanner because in addition to offering recognition solutions the organization spearheads studies and shares results that apply to the frontlines of individuals’ work experiences,” says Hill.

“I just liked the fact that the company takes time to recognize employees. Little things go a long way. The personalized Yearbook was a lot of fun.” Telligen Employee-Owner

Telligen began with a performance program that recognized great work accomplished by its employee-owners. Following the success of that program Telligen decided to place more emphasis on celebrating service anniversaries as well.

“We previously worked with a local vendor to provide our anniversary service awards. When we decided to work with O.C. Tanner for those awards we were pleased that employee-owners could continue to select a gift from an online catalog. In addition, O.C. Tanner made the experience personalized to each person, which is at the heart of strong recognition. The personalized Yearbook they create for anniversary honorees puts them over the top when compared to other vendors. Our people love receiving their Yearbook and are touched by the comments from their leaders and peers,” says Hill. “It was such a smooth process moving to O.C. Tanner for our service awards. Whenever I had questions or needed information there was someone there to respond and we really had a good experience. I’m happy to recommend the program whenever I get the chance,” says Hill. “The two programs, our performance and service awards, tie together very neatly. O.C. Tanner offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for our total recognition program.”

“I thought the presentation with my team and the VP was very nice and appreciated. I love the Yearbook with comments from my director and coworkers. Thanks!” Telligen Employee-Owner

After a successful implementation, Telligen continued to foster the success of their recognition programs by focusing on two key elements: buy-in from employee-owners at every level and management training.

“A key to our success is that both our performance and service award programs are embraced by people throughout the organization. Our senior leaders are very happy with the program and are active in recognizing individuals,” says Hill. “As people focus more and more on recognizing others they begin to see that recognition can make someone’s entire day. Managers understand that recognition leads to a stronger culture, increased employee-owner engagement, business results and higher levels of intrinsic motivation.”

Another key to the success of Telligen’s recognition programs was offering training to help managers learn about the importance of recognition and how to recognize their team members.

“We purchased training modules from O.C. Tanner to help our managers understand the benefits of utilizing the recognition program,” says Hill. “O.C. Tanner offered webinars, online training, and expert advice that really helped make our recognition program a part of the Telligen culture.” Since implementing the recognition program Telligen has experienced a strengthened culture and is attracting high-quality candidates to join their team.

“Our recognition program definitely makes us more attractive as a place to work,” says Hill. “We talk with candidates about our culture and our recognition program and have received great feedback and enthusiasm from them.”

O.C. Tanner conducted a follow-up survey at Telligen and the responses from the employee-owners were impressive:

  • 85% felt their Yearbook made them feel more valued
  • 92% were overall very satisfied with their service award celebration
  • 77% felt their celebration connected their contributions to the company’s goals
  • 87% felt their service award made them feel part of the company
  • 87% felt their service award made them feel the company cared about them

“Working with O.C. Tanner is a great experience. It was a pleasure working with their implementation teams and the ongoing account managers are true partners to us,” says Hill. “Establishing this culture of recognition has helped us support Telligen’s success and attracts the talent of the future to the company.”

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