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HR Unfiltered

Join our fearless HR leader, Mindi Cox, for candid thoughts and insights as she navigates the new normal.

Entry 7: Planning the return to the workplace

What will the new normal look like and how can we communicate with our people so there aren’t any surprises?

Entry 6: Bringing people together while staying apart

Virtual town halls give people much needed connection and space to share their feelings, face-to-face, while still maintaining social distancing.

Entry 5: Employee experience is more important than ever

How we respond to this crisis will shape our employees’ experiences for months and years to come. It’s a lot of responsibility, but also a huge opportunity.

Entry 4: Feeding frontline workers

Mindi talks about the little things HR can do to make frontline workers’ lives easier—starting with a good meal.

Entry 3: Trust your people

Mindi talks about the importance of trusting as you support their transition to the new normal—whether that’s working from home or social distancing at work.

Entry 2: Being real right now

Mindi gets real about how she’s feeling and shares a story about how vulnerability can be empowering in the face of uncertainty.

Entry 1: Empathy is our superpower

In her first video, Mindi shares how O.C. Tanner is communicating to their people as the impact of COVID-19 grows—and talks about why empathy is more important than ever.

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