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Topic: Leadership

Empowering Frontline Employees in Times of Crisis

Group of 6 frontline employees smiling
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COVID-19 has drastically changed how businesses operate, and frontline employees are at the forefront of these challenging times. Frontline employees are typically unable to work from home and are in direct contact with your customers.

How can companies help frontline employees stay positive and focused during these uncertain times? How do you preserve psychological safety and morale? How can you maintain connection and culture when we’re supposed to be social distancing?

Companies need to dramatically shift the way they interact with their frontline workforce. Join us as Gary Peterson, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production at O.C. Tanner, shares how he’s helping his frontline teams survive, and thrive, during these turbulent times.

Join us to hear:

·      New research on how COVID-19 is changing how people work

·      How you can build connection and morale for your frontline teams in times of crisis

·      Best practices for empowering frontline employees through purpose, connection, and appreciation.

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About Gary:
Gary Peterson, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production, has worked for O.C. Tanner for 32 years. Gary has held an impressively diverse set of jobs with O.C. Tanner, including Manager of Market Research, Manufacturing Change Facilitator (where he was instrumental in moving the operation from “batch” to lean, resulting in their winning the Shingo Prize), Vice President of Manufacturing, Marketing Vice President of Award Development, and Vice President of Research and Professional Services.

Gary serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Shingo Institute, and is a Shingo Examiner. His experience with Lean Enterprise sends him around the globe helping others improve their operations. He has been inducted into the Shingo Academy and the AME Hall of Fame.

Gary holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from Brigham Young University. He recharges his batteries by snowboarding, playing basketball, golfing, hiking, and being with his 12 grandchildren.

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