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Topic: Leadership

How Modern Leadership Inspires Greater Inclusion

7 Strategies for strengthening DEI in a changing workplace

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During the pandemic, 90% of executives responded that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) remained a moderate, very important, or top priority. But the same percentage reported challenges in executing their DEI strategies. In the end, only one in six diverse employees felt more supported during the crisis. But why is that the case?

There are reasons why organisations failing to create more inclusive workplaces. One of them is that traditional leadership practices no longer work. CEOs and HR leaders can start to move the inclusion needle more rapidly through modern leadership practices. Read on for key learnings from original research by the O.C. Tanner Institute and modern leadership strategies for success.

Why traditional leadership falls short


Before the pandemic, traditional leadership was already failing. Employees had overwhelmingly rejected old-school leadership practices such as gatekeeping and micro-managing. This forced organisations to rethink and reshape the way they lead. Alternatively, organisations opted for modern leadership practices that feature more productive aspects such as employee mentoring and coaching.

Our research shows that when leaders coach, develop, and connect their employees, they can thrive in ways that drive personal and organisational success. Part of building a culture where employees thrive is building an inclusive organisation where all employees feel welcome.

But it’s not just about feeling accepted. Better inclusion also leads to better business results.

Studies show that organisations with inclusive and diverse cultures consistently deliver better results. But during recent times, these initiatives have fallen short.

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