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Topic: Appreciation

Show Your People You Love Value Them

Employee making a heart with her hands, connecting with her colleagues remotely
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This weekend marks Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day where we share our love for others with a card, some flowers or a box of chocolates. In the world of HR, this translates as an opportunity to show appreciation for your people, and with 2021 shaping up to be just as challenging as 2020 was for many of us, there’s never been a better time to appreciate them.

The very best relationships rely on a mutual feeling of being recognised, appreciated and respected, and businesses can learn a lot from personal relationships, especially the importance of recognition and appreciation for making relationships flourish.

While great leadership has moved on from the notion that we simply need to tell our people we love them, the underlying message is still relevant: appreciation needs to happen every day, not just once a year. However, instead of making it about love, we need to be making it about their value.

When people are effectively appreciated and recognised at work, they feel an increase in value which leads to greater drive and determination, better work relationships and stronger connections to their organisations. They are also more likely to remain with their companies for longer and be proactively innovating.

Now, with many teams working remotely or from multiple locations around the world, ensuring people remain connected to purpose and to each other is of paramount importance to cultivating a thriving workplace culture. A culture of recognition and appreciation has the power to unite teams, strengthen loyalty and demonstrate true value.

In the same way that successful personal relationships are built on a foundation of trust, respect and mutual appreciation, businesses must also recognise the importance of building a positive and appreciative relationship with its employees. By using values-based recognition and delivering recognition publicly and frequently, this encourages positive behaviours to be repeated which ultimately leads to business success.

Make them feel valued this year. Thank. Them. All.

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