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Topic: Culture

Technology: Shaping a Post Pandemic World

How Covid-19 has impacted our use of technology for recognition, leadership and developing workplace culture.

What a multi-generational workforce really wants
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Over the past 12 months, technology has played a key role in helping people stay connected to their colleagues and to their organisations while the world adjusted to life alongside a global pandemic. In particular, recognition and appreciation solutions have been dependent on technology to be effective, especially where teams have found themselves working remotely or across different locations around the world.

After a year of enduring this disruption to standard business practices, we reflect on the impact Covid-19 has had on technology in HR, and what some of the key learnings are as we all start to plan for the weeks and months ahead.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by Meghan Stettler, Director of the O.C. Tanner Institute, along with Jason Andersen, Vice President of Product at O.C. Tanner, and Mervyn Dinnen, HR & Talent Analyst at TwoHeads Consulting, who will share their thoughts and experiences on what impact Covid-19 has had on technology in HR, and how we can utilize that technology to enhance our recognition programs, modernise our leadership, and create thriving workplace cultures.

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About Meghan Stettler

A trusted voice for the O.C. Tanner Institute, Meghan specialises in knitting together key sentiments and perspectives to identify win-win strategies across the table for workplace culture success. As an award-winning journalist, Meghan has addressed over one million viewers, crafting compelling stories and programs for Al Jazeera in Qatar, News 12 New York, Network News Service, and PBS-KCET in Los Angeles. She has also led and captured hundreds of consumer brand experiences to build dozens of “real people” advertising campaigns for giants such as ESPN, Apple, Gap, and Advil.

Prior to joining O.C. Tanner, she served as the lead energy diplomat for the State of Utah, forging partnerships with countries and companies in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and the Indo-Pacific regions. She holds an MA from the University of Southern California, a dual BFA from Brigham Young University, and executive certificates in global business from New York University and Salt Lake Community College.

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About Jason Andersen

Jason Andersen is the Vice President of Product at O.C. Tanner. Over the last 22 years with O.C. Tanner, Jason played a key role in developing both the software and the services products that our clients use today to help create cultures where their employees can thrive. Jason has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies to measure, design, and deliver solutions to help them achieve their recognition and cultural goals. He now leads the O.C. Tanner Product and UX team to continue enhancing and innovating solutions on behalf of its clients.

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About Mervyn Dinnen

Mervyn Dinnen is an HR & Talent analyst and researcher, who partners with HR technology businesses to report on the emerging trends impacting hiring, retention, development and engagement. He is recognised as a Global HR Technology influencer, has authored the books ‘Exceptional Talent’ and the forthcoming ‘Digital Talent’, and is an International speaker on recruitment and HR trends.

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