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Appreciate great work

Why appreciate great work? Get inspired as you hear first-hand from employees how they feel when they’re recognised. How being valued for the difference they make drives commitment, pride and engagement.

Video Transcript

So, I need recognition. I need to be appreciated. I’m kind of like a big old bulldog that needs to be scratched under the chin or in the ears and there’s a good boy and all that sort of thing.

I’ve seen people get really excited about that because it’s the unexpected and then you see, oh, you know, my co-workers really saw me doing this. It’s just a good feeling.

We went down to her area and presented her with this award and she started crying and we’re kind of, whoa! I was really surprised by her emotion and she said that was the first time she’d ever been recognised. It showed me how important it is to thank people and recognise them for their work.

It’s a no brainer. If I feel appreciated, others feel appreciated, we can make magic happen.

It felt awesome to be recognised for something like that I felt like was what I did, it’s what I do and it made me feel good to do it, but it made me feel even better to get recognised for it and that was cool.

I think it’s about celebrating all aspects of an individual. They need to be recognised for day-to-day activities. They need to be recognised for achieving targets. They need to be recognised for milestones because it celebrates them as a person.

You start thinking about how rewarding your own work is and if you like the thing that you do every day as part of your job, make a difference.

They won’t know that feeling unless somebody during the day has said thank you. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for bringing your whole self and all your great ideas and all that energy that you bring, thank you.

You know, this is exactly the type of company that I want to work for and if I work here for another 20 years, shoot, I’d be happy.

It’s something that stays with you forever.

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