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Appreciation changes everything

The fastest way to change the world is to appreciate the potential in those around us. For more than 85 years, O.C. Tanner has been helping companies do just that by appreciating great work. See the impact appreciation can truly have.

Video Transcript

Each of us is born with a gift, an ear for music, a knack for science, a flare for writing. For a time, these seeds of genius lie dormant within us, then it happens. With the mark on a page, or a comment with a smile, someone we trust appreciates a task well done and appreciation changes everything. It awakens our gift from slumber and makes it real. Talent becomes expertise. Potential becomes performance. We look around and see possibilities everywhere, in everything and we’re inspired to invent, to create, to discover, to change the world. All because someone appreciate our potential, that the real epiphany comes, that the fastest way we can change the world is to appreciate the potential in those around us. For 80 years, we’ve been helping companies do just that. Because to appreciate doesn’t just mean to notice, to value and to understand, it means to grow.

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