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Crafting the right recognition solution

At O.C. Tanner, we determine where you are and how we can best support you in a unique way. We work hard to co-create the perfect recognition solution that honours and creates memorable experiences for your people.

Video Transcript

Sandra Christensen
Director, Award Design & Development

People here do not like the word failure.  We’re committed to making sure that not one opportunity to honour someone ends in a failure. We are never okay with disappointing a recipient.  We’re honouring them for something spectacular, we’re honouring them for some stellar performance they did and what’s the point in honouring them if it isn’t done appropriately?  That’s our number one goal, is to make sure we honour them appropriately and building a solution that will do that.

Ty Brown
VP, International Business Development

You know, so often today a partnership is defined by who will give money to someone else.  We look at it and say, how do we meet the objectives of our clients? Then we tailor our solutions to make it so it’s effective for that client.

David Sturt
EVP, Marketing & O.C. Tanner Institute

For us, partnering means more than simply we exchange business.  For us, we get pretty obsessive about trying to understand, what are you trying to do as an organisation, where are you trying to go, what are your core people issues that you’re trying to deal with.

Beth Thornton
EVP, Sales & Business Development

Every client’s unique. So many of our competitors just say, technology has to be the force, or this special methodology that we deliver just has to be the way. We just say, that’s not true. Clients come on their recognition journey from different angles and at O.C. Tanner, we determine where you are, determine how we can best support you in a unique way, unique to you and when you’re ready, we can move forward together.

Dave A. Petersen
President & CEO

When you think about what it takes to craft a recognition performance solution, it might be daunting for some. Yet we also know that part of crafting a solution that’s going to be successful and lead to a successful outcome and a great partnership, is making it simple, having the expertise, the experience with thousands of other clients so that you know how to do it in a way that makes it easier for the client. There are details, there are questions and answers, there is set up but it’s not rocket science, it’s people science. 

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