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Event awards: spreading corporate pride company wide

Unlike other forms of recognition, the corporate event unites your entire culture. Discover more about our expertise in creating memorable experiences that reinforce your promise of a great place to work.

Video Transcript

Anyone can spend money on a corporate event and just assume that if they put money at something that it had an effect. But it’s bringing the importance to the occasion and actually helping celebrate it appropriately.  It’s saying: We care enough about this to do it right.   
A corporate event can bring your entire culture together in celebration of a unique experience or occasion. It’s identifying what needs to be communicated, it’s identifying the story and the celebration and the people. The gift is the tangible deliverable of that.

We don’t want to just provide an item, we want to provide an experience. If we can do that then we’ve succeeded and more importantly the customer succeeds. 
There’s no cookie cutter solution to celebrating events. A lot of it starts with understanding. It starts with an understanding of the organisation. So there’s a strategic sort of deep dive into their culture, …it’s in designing and crafting the right solution that is going to feel like it’s been part of their organisation and it’s the thing that’s just right.
On one end of the spectrum you might just start with a product or a concept that already exists in the world that people would feel valued to receive. 
On the other end of the spectrum is basically starting with a thought about a celebration… …and basically custom crafting a unique award or unique gift that doesn’t exist in the world, 
…it’s all the little details.  I think the devil can be in the details, but the real success is there.

A lot of organisations set out to do a corporate event and don’t even think about the details of execution.  Our job is to bring everything that we have forth in our technology, in our systems that support recipient data, our global nuance understanding, cultural nuance understanding, supply chain understanding….   Our whole mission is to help them do it better than they could have ever imagined it on their own.

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