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Leader rally cry

Managers become leaders when they inspire employees to become mentors. To become a great leader, you must nurture the potential of your people and inspire great work. When that happens, you know you've built a culture that's unstoppable.

Video Transcript

To be a leader is to show people the way.
You have goals you’re trying to accomplish. 
You’re ready to make a difference–for your organisation and the people you lead.
Lately, it hasn’t been easy.
But against such odds, you have hearts and minds.
You have people capable of remarkable things.
A workforce is a force.
The only thing they’re waiting for is a sign.
How shall we be as a culture?
What do we stand for?
How will we win?
To be a leader is to nurture the potential of your people
And inspire great work
With appreciation and rewards
With a commitment to staying the course
Until employees become mentors
Managers become leaders
And until what matters to your customers
Matters to the people answering the phones.
That’s when you know you have built a culture that’s unstoppable.
You’ve built a team against which no challenge can prevail.
Appreciation changes everything.

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