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O.C. Tanner: the power of partnership

See how we value our partnerships with clients and our promise to be with them throughout their recognition journey.

Video Transcript

Christina Chau
Manager, Research Services

We’re not a vendor, we’re not in it to go and give your employees awards that they don’t want, or recognise them in ways that aren’t meaningful to them. I think having a partner that’s innovative, that’s constantly seeking to find what’s new out there can help make solutions and tools more powerful for that company. We really are a partner to our clients and we really want to make sure their solutions are successful.  If you’re spending millions of dollars to implement a recognition solution, you want to make sure it works.  In order to make sure it works, you gotta constantly be measuring it, you gotta constantly be asking your employees how it’s going and constantly reevaluating, every single year.

Beth Thornton
EVP, Sales & Business Development

I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned at O.C. Tanner through my time here, is that there is no point of arrival.  Recognition changes, the world changes, companies’ business change.  So there’s never a point where we’ll say, we’ve got it, it’s perfect, let’s just stop here.  As a company we can’t rest.  As a company you can’t rest.  So we just want to work together to find the nuances and to change with you and to grow with you.

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