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Recognition’s role in attracting and retaining top talent

Gail Bedke, O.C. Tanner’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development, shares research about the critical role the employee-manager relationship plays in finding, developing, and retaining your top talent and performers.

Video Transcript

Well, I would say one thing that you certainly need to focus on is the relationships that your top people have with their direct supervisors and managers. Our research shows that that’s probably the most critical relationship that would exist within any organization. How are your top people being communicated with? How are their positive behaviors being reinforced? Also, what is your on-boarding process? So you have hired someone you would consider to be top talent. How are you making them feel within their first 90 days? One year? How are you recognizing their contributions and accomplishments and aligning that to the success of the organization? Within that really, that is the role of the supervisor or manager. So it’s making sure that they’re engaged in the process and, again, they feel the accountability to make that happen.

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