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The manager’s role in connecting leadership vision

Leaders that have a clear vision for their company need engaged managers to connect that vision to employees. O.C. Tanner’s Director of Speaking and Training, Kevin Ames, shares insights on what managers need to make this happen: the necessary tools, proper training, and time.

Video Transcript

If the executive has done his or her job correctly, they have created a vision. They have put values to that vision and then they’ve articulated that. They’ve made a statement. They have a voice out to the company. So if the manager understands the voice from above, if you will, and the need from below, they’re the ones who can make this all happen. But we have a tremendous responsibility as an organization. That manager has to be given all the tools necessary to do that work, all the training necessary to use those tools correctly and the time to comfortably execute around an appreciation concept because if we don’t allow the time, in fact, if we don’t mandate the time, it will fall off the to-do list and the impact will be detrimental.

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