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The O.C. Tanner difference

Why is O.C. Tanner so passionate about appreciating great work? Hear more about the power of providing recognition tools that can change the way people feel about the place they work and the value they deliver every day.

Video Transcript

David Sturt
EVP, Marketing & O.C. Tanner Institute
We love creating experiences that create powerful opportunities for both the individual to celebrate the accomplishment that they’ve made and also for the organisation to help show them and highlight them and hold them up as an example of what the organisation is trying to accomplish.

Ty Brown
VP, International Business Development
When it comes right down to it, what we’ve found time and time again is, people who feel appreciated do great work. It just – it’s like it’s a human thing.

Dave Hilton
SVP, Product Development
Our strategy is we make a difference. We want them to focus on great work, to understand what great work is, to not only recognise when that takes place, but understand that every single employee in their organisation, regardless of their capacity, they can do great work. Providing them with the tools and providing them with ways to demonstrate that great work and to help them acknowledge when that great work has taken place, that’s our mission. It’s bigger than recognition, it’s making a change in someone’s lives.

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