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The power of a corporate symbol

Sandra Christensen, O.C. Tanner’s Director of Marketing Award Design and Development, has been designing awards for decades. As a veteran in the recognition industry, she talks about the power of a corporate symbol and how emotional a significant rewards presentation can be, both for the recipient and the presenter.

Video Transcript

We worked on our branding project here at O.C. Tanner and came up with the A, the little A trophy. Every time the A gets presented the people who present it get choked up and the recipient gets choked up. To see that emotion come out, when you create something that represents a really stellar accomplishment, something that’s sort of off the charts as far as sacrifice and what they had to do to accomplish that, the emotion that goes into rewarding someone for that kind of sacrifice is felt by both the person who nominated or believed they should receive it as well as the person who did the accomplishment. In that culmination of the event when they’re actually making the presentation people get emotional and they can’t help it.

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