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What an employee award needs to do

Effective recognition should create an indelible memory. Rex Remigi, O.C. Tanner’s Global Awards Strategist, shares a story that illustrates what the employee rewards experience should be all about.

Video Transcript

If the award could do one thing, it delivers that lasting memory, that indelible memory of the original reason for recognition. I was with a client working with him one time and all of a sudden the light came on for this guy. He says, “Wow, I get it! I get it!” I’m invited over to my father’s house for barbecue. Every time in the backyard he’s got that grill, that Weber grill, fired up he says, “Son, my company gave me this Weber grill for my 20-year anniversary.” It’s been 15 years since he worked at that company but he remembers it 15 years later and every time his son’s over there for a barbecue, he says, “He reminds me of that.” That’s leaving that indelible memory. That’s effective recognition. He goes, “I get it. This isn’t a retail experience. This isn’t compensation. These are awards.

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