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Your company, your way

Discover how O.C. Tanner’s smart technologies allow us to build strategic employee recognition solutions. Solutions designed to drive behavior, unify teams, and increase engagement—making appreciation fun, simple, and fast.

Video Transcript

At O.C. Tanner, we have a real passion for helping companies celebrate people when they’ve done some great work and technology plays a wonderful role in that and provides an additional assist in helping make sure that that employee has this experience that gets them so excited about what they did, that they start thinking about what else can they do and what’s the next great thing they could do.

At its core, this technology platform brings all of the recognition within a company into one central place making it really simple and easy for everyone to access and define. So think of it as appreciation central for all the recognition programs in an organization.

The first thing you’ll notice is this is a completely branded experience and so we bring that soul of the company right into this homepage and help people connect with it and see how they are helping contribute to a bigger cause in the company. Whether it be somebody sitting in India or somebody sitting in Germany, they get to come to the same place but experience it in their own language.

Recognition is really a social thing, if you think about it. It’s an opportunity to express appreciation for a job well done. That is uniquely social and so we thought to ourselves, “Wow! What if we had this wall of fame that could showcase and show off the great work that people are doing around the world?” And so, this is a place where we tell individual stories and accomplishments of people who’ve done some extraordinary things. It’s awesome. People love it.

We’ve got this great little social tool called Build a Button that really invites people to bring their own personality into their appreciation experience. I get to choose the shirt that it’s on. I get to choose the button, the shape, the colors. The language that I want to put on it and send it over to you from me. It’s a really wonderful human touch that creates the powerful human impression on the person who’s receiving this little gesture of appreciation.

We have a whole library of eCards that make it possible for somebody to just take a few seconds and make somebody’s day when they’ve made a difference. Imagine going into a virtual card shop that had all of these little films. These little movies, little clips, fun little animations. Things that will surprise people. Things that will delight people. Things that will just make their day. Maybe make them smile, maybe make them laugh, that will have them think, “Wow! He gets what I did.”

The impact of thousands of these eCards and eButtons flying around the organization has even surprised us. It’s so fun to watch the ripple effect of thousands of conversations around great work and what does that do? That just lights people up. That helps people realize, “Wow! We’re having success here. I had a great today because somebody noticed something I did.” That has inspired us. That’s caused us to think about what other tools can we create that help people communicate, that help people share, that help people recognize those who’ve done some great work.

And because our technology platform is Cloud-based, you get all of the latest and greatest innovations automatically.

Just about everybody tells us they have some little files, some little place that they save, handwritten notes or certificates or little moments along the way where they were recognized for having done some great work. So that’s why we developed this virtual corkboard. So as you receive eButtons and eCards and awards, your corkboard just starts filling up automatically and it allows you to remember and relive those experiences that you had that you’re proud of. You get to move things around. You get to add some pictures to it and just make it yours.

So when something great happens at work, you want to be able to share that with family and friends. And so, our technology makes it really easy to post your accomplishment on Facebook or Twitter.

One of the powerful things about having all of your recognition in one place is it allows managers and leaders in the organization to see all of the great work that’s going on within their team or within their division, their department or that you get to see across the entire enterprise and it’s fascinating to see who’s doing what. You’re able to find out who are your leaders who really are recognizing their team members, who’s being recognized, who’s doing great work, what are they doing, how are they doing it. Every participant has control over the information that they want to see with simple dashboards that provide them just the information they need when they need it.

A really important part of the entire appreciation experience is that moment when you go to choose your award. So to make it a great experience, we try to provide a huge variety of award choices so that each person can find just the thing that they’re looking for. Something that will remind them of their accomplishment and what they did.

So if you’re a techie, we’ve got the latest tech gadgets. If you are a foodie, we’ve got things for your kitchen. If you like to go to events, we’ve got event tickets. We want to make sure that when you get to this part of the recognition experience, that you find something that makes you feel appreciated.

All of these things are part of our technology platform that plays an important role in a total recognition solution that helps you to create a culture where great work thrives, where people encourage each other, when they celebrate each other’s accomplishments and when they really feel appreciated for having made a difference in your organization.

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