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Program Essentials Checklist

Build it: creating a culture of great work

No two companies are alike. No two recognition programs are either. But here are a few key things we’ve noticed most truly effective programs share.

  • Meaningful rewards experience
    The best rewards programs turn moments in the spotlight into a sense of greater value, personal growth, and commitment
  • Results measurement
    One platform, total visibility into performance, spend, adoption, and results, the better to assess program impact and fine-tune business results
  • Cloud-based technology
    Powerful, seamless, secure, always available. Your recognition platform is the engine on which your whole experience runs
  • Leadership coaching
    Recognition and teamwork training, as well as manager tools and tips that help elevate recognition from a “program” to an integral, powerful cultural force
  • Culture-specific communications
    Messaging, launch campaigns, and branded experiences specific to your culture that build excitement, drive adoption and bring company values to life
  • Service anniversary celebrations
    Strategies for celebrating milestones that year to year, individual by individual, lead to the company’s success
  • Performance recognition
    A way for managers and leaders to reward results that make a difference to the company
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
    Social strategies to inspire everyone in the company to notice effort every day

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