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5 Culture Trends for 2017

What’s new (and what’s still trending) in 2017.

As you constantly shape and improve the culture of your organisation, make sure you are on the right path. Discover the latest studies in employee engagement, culture, and talent management to see what’s new (and what’s still trending) in 2017.

Learn why HR executives are focusing on:

1. Creating cultures that attract, engage, and develop top talent.

2. Moving from manager skills training to enabling leaders to motivate and inspire great work.

3. How employee recognition plays a huge role in attracting (and retaining) top talent to your organisation.

4. Streamlining ways to engage, motivate, develop, and inspire great work from employees.

5. Putting in the work, time, and resources, to get everyone in the organisation involved in creating a magnetic culture of success.

For more details on the trends affecting your organisation’s culture, download our latest Orange Paper today. 

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