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The Importance of Breaking out of Your Bubble

Best selling author and tedx speaker, David Sturt, shares the importance of breaking out of your bubble

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 27, 2014—TEDxSaltLakeCity presentations are now available online, including a speech with insights on how talking to your outer circle contributes to innovation, bridge building and great work.

The 18-minute TEDx talk by David Sturt, NYT best-selling author of Great Work and executive vice president at the O.C. Tanner Institute, is based on research drawn from 1.7 million records of award-winning work, more than 1,000 surveys of managers and employees, and 200 one-on-one interviews.

VIEW THE TEDX TALK: Can Talking to Strangers Boost Your Creativity?, by David Sturt

“We live in a bubble – a tiny community of ideas and thought that come from a very small group of people we trust and understand,” said Sturt. “But the further you go away from your inner circle, the more you increase the chances that you will have a fresh new idea.

“The language we use to describe thought is the same language we use to describe social interaction. Thoughts and innovation come from making connections, forming associations and developing relationships between ideas and people. Outer circle conversations are so powerful precisely because others don’t think like you,” continued Sturt.

O.C. Tanner Institute research indicates that deliberate conversations outside the safety and comfort of one’s inner circle of colleagues and friends accounted for more than 72 percent of award-winning projects.

“There are millions of ideas just sitting out there waiting for the right conversation to bring them into being. We’re all grown up now. It’s time to talk to strangers,” concluded Sturt after busting four myths we all fall prey to that keep us from outer circle interactions.

TEDxSaltLakeCity was hosted on Sept. 20 at The Leonardo to a sold-out crowd and was also simulcast to three additional Salt Lake locations. Video presentations are now available for the first time here.

The idea of talking to your “outer circle” is just one of the great work skills identified by the O.C. Tanner Institute. From their research, Sturt and his team distilled two key mindsets and five skills that anyone can adopt to produce great work in any situation. More information is available at

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About TEDxSaltLakeCity

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