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Make recognition second nature by putting
it into the tools your people use every day.


Culture Cloud’s API Library allows people to send recognition through your existing HRIS, intranet, CRM, or other system.


Send an eCard from the systems you already use—no need to log in to your recognition program. The current population file is used for givers and receivers and is based on the user’s permissions to send and receive eCards.

How it’s being used

• A healthcare client uses this API on their website to allow patients to send eCards to their nurses and doctors

• A large resort client uses this API to automatically send eCards to employees on their 90-day anniversary


Nominate employees for awards directly from the systems you use everyday. The current population file is used for givers and receivers and is based on the user’s permissions to send and receive nominations.

How it’s being used

• A financial client created trigger-based nominations for their various systems. For them, nominations are triggered for KPIs like phone call volume, issue resolutions, etc.


Deposit points directly into a user’s account. You can set specific goals and have the reward trigger automatically as they’re reached.

How it’s being used

• An automotive client uses this API for an internal innovation program.

• A financial services client uses point deposits for their travel cost savings.

• A professional services client deposits points from a self-managed recognition program into Culture Cloud Recognition.


Extract and display the recognition program point balance for each individual employee on the system(s) you already use to display information.

How it’s being used

• An insurance client uses this API to display point balances on their intranet.


Broadcast achievements of your employees on an intranet page, public TV monitors, social tools, or other internal system. The information displayed will be the same as what is provided on the event feed for your recognition program.

How it’s being used

• Multiple clients across many different industries use the social feed to increase the visibility of great work being done at their organisation.


Display all of the recognition each employee has given or received directly on your existing systems (like intranet page, performance management system, etc.) so their activity can easily be reviewed. The sender and receiver’s name, date sent, recognition type, and message can all be included in the display.

How it’s being used

• An insurance client displays their recognition history on their intranet site. 

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