If you have questions about upgrading, look here for quick answers.

* Your program configuration is unique to your company. Names and features may vary.

Q. How can employees log in to Culture Cloud once we migrate to the new platform?

Employees can log in at www.culturecloud.com with their company-issued email address.

Q. Why is the Culture Cloud logo showing on our Recognition website?

The Culture Cloud logo helps employees quickly identify their recognition solution within the tools they use every day (Outlook, Teams, browser extensions, etc.).

Q. Why is the program page no longer available?

We recognize our clients’ admins’ need to communicate the purpose, value criteria, and policies of their recognition programs. In Victories, the programs page was intended to address this need; however, fewer than 1% of end users accessed the page.

In Culture Cloud, reminder emails, notifications, and a revamped navigation will educate users and inform their recognition behaviors.

Q. How do the system reminder emails work?

Emails have a positive impact on employee participation—recognition reminder emails increase giving as much as 40%. The frequency of Culture Cloud emails are strategically metered to minimize “email fatigue” and maximize program impact.

Q. Do I need to download a different mobile app?

Yes, users will need to download the Culture Cloud mobile app using one of the links below. The Great Work app is not supported in this upgrade.

Q. What is the frequency of the 30-day no-give nudge email? Can the cadence be changed?

Unfortunately, the cadence can’t be changed. The email is sent every 30 days to users with no give recognition activity and will stop after three attempts. After 90 days, nudges stop.

Q. Why does the store change from time to time?

We routinely enhance our store to deliver great products and award options to keep the shopping experience fresh and exciting for your employees.

Q. Why do we use Recognize vs Appreciate in Culture Cloud?

Recognition done well is a key way to appreciate your people. We use Recognize in Culture Cloud because it's actionable. Appreciation is feeling valued for one’s contributions and showing appreciation through recognition is essential to employees—people need to know their leaders and peers notice and are grateful for their efforts and contributions.

Q. What does my Information Security team have to do to allow listing?

As your team adds four O.C. Tanner domains to your allow list, we strongly recommend additional security steps for a smooth software upgrade.

Beyond email security and delivery, the domain allow listing should also account for both web browser isolation and/or a proxy servers. There may be additional processes you will need to do based on your company’s security software. Please consider all the places that these domains will need to be allowed, including your preferred security software for web browsing and email.

Cookies must be allowed for Culture Cloud to work. To access Culture Cloud, your company can’t block third party cookies and users cannot use cookie blockers or ad blockers that are installed as a browser extension.

Don’t forget to review the to-do list here to help your update go smoothly.