Employee Recognition

With Culture Cloud, recognition is fun to give and fun to get. Recognize daily moments and above-and-beyond success with personalized eCards, Awards and Reward Codes.

eCards can be sent to individuals and groups to celebrate any occasion.

  • Monetary and non-monetary
  • Choose a GIF, our library of beautifully designed cards or upload your own photo/video
  • Include a Core Value (optional)
  • Schedule eCards to be sent at a later date (great for birthdays)
  • Notification options (for sender, recipient, manager)
  • Privacy option (whether to show on Social Feed)

Awards recognize great work and exceptional accomplishments. Employees at all levels can nominate individuals and groups for awards.

  • Award Assistant tool to determine appropriate Award level
  • Highlight a corporate Value
  • Notification options (CC and Note to approver)
  • Description of achievement
  • Flexible approval paths
  • Privacy option (whether to show on Social Feed)
  • Configurable presentation timeframes for awards

Reward Codes provide an on-the-spot and offline solution for recognizing employees who aren’t on a computer or mobile device at work, in industries such as healthcare, retail and delivery.

  • Print “Thank you” cards that match your recognition program with Reward Codes for instant recognition moments
  • Generate a batch of Reward Codes in Bulk for a specific award amount and distribute to managers or other users
  • Claiming a code is simple - enter the code in the ‘Claim a Code’ box on the Culture Cloud Home Page or the ‘Claim a Code’ widget in the Culture Cloud mobile app. Rewards will automatically be added to employee’s account. Recipients with a QR code can scan the QR with their mobile device and automatically be taken to the Culture Cloud app to redeem their reward.
  • Expiration dates can be set on each batch of reward codes so they cannot be claimed after a certain date
  • Personalize cards to include recognition details
  • Budget rules apply (if used)

Team Motivation

Initiatives is a tool within Culture Cloud to rally team members around a specific goal or project with rewards along the way. Initiatives are based on company-wide or team goals, such as improving safety, increasing sales, data security, innovation, corporate responsibility or recruitment. Initiatives can also be created to encourage service in the community, wellness, or company social groups.

  • Easy creation of new Initiatives, customizable with photos, award levels, participant management, points budget, and multi-award give options
  • Multiple roles and permissions
  • Reporting that includes all awards given for each Initiative
  • Notifications and email setting options
  • Dynamic participant segmentation


The Culture Cloud platform offers recognition integrations for the programs you use every day, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, Slack, Workday and more. Integrations help recognition happen within the flow of work. Users can easily appreciate great work without ever leaving the applications they know and love.

Give eCard and Award nomination recognition with the following integrations:

  • Outlook email integration
  • Microsoft Teams Culture Cloud App
  • Google Gmail Plugin
  • Slack Culture Cloud App (eCards only)
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Edge Browser Extension
  • Firefox Browser Extension
  • Safari Browser Extension

Share recognition events, Award Nominations and eCards, with the following integrations:

  • SharePoint Web Part
  • Workday Anytime Feedback
  • Yammer

Integrations (Data) allows us to retrieve worker data automatically and populate users into Culture Cloud.

  • Workday
  • API data load via encrypted endpoint (HTTPS)

Partnerships – Culture Cloud integrates with other recognition partners to create a seamless experience for clients who are also on these platforms:

Workday Select Partner

  • Create notifications to employees within Workday and integrated “Journey paths”

Virgin Pulse

  • Cross-platform navigation
  • Unified award experience
  • Shared insights
  • Coordinated support

Web, Mobile, & Communications

Culture Cloud provides a best-in-class web and mobile recognition experience.

Culture Cloud for Web

Client Branding

  • Logo – multiple logos are supported (for varying languages/divisions within a company)
  • Primary color
  • Optional welcome message widget
  • Home page banner
  • Branded nomination award certificates
  • Branded Social Feed award cards

Home Page Widgets

  • My Team widget provides leaders with an overview of recognition received and sent, with a quick link to access the ‘My Team’ page for more details
  • Your Budget widget (for clients using the personal budget option) will include the user’s available budget and the downline budget of their team, if they are a people leader
  • Store widget provides another access point to view the global Award Store
  • Claim a Code widget (only for clients using Reward Codes) allows users to quickly enter a reward code and receive points
  • Following widget shows recognition for people you follow

Search allows users to search for any person:

  • by first, preferred, or last name
  • by email address
  • opens profile page to view user details (Recognized Strengths, Following, location, anniversary, leader, and language)
  • easily recognize or follow to see future achievements

Social Wall displays eCards and Awards received within your team and your company, increasing visibility of the great work occurring in your organization. Participants can comment and “like” an achievement to support their colleagues and spread enthusiasm across teams, departments, and continents. Use the Social Wall search function to filter social feeds by individual, for greater visibility into recognition happening in teams and across the organization.

  • My Company/My Department shows company/department recognition activity (depending on configuration)
  • Following allows users to choose whose recognition appears on their Wall by selecting the ‘Following’ filter on the Social Feed (optional)
  • Auto-Follow populates recognition activity for a user’s manager, peers, and direct reports
  • Privacy options include opting out from showing your own recognition in the public feed and your birthday
  • Option for users to show only their own recognition (a “Personal Wall”)


  • Personal photo can be displayed on Social Feed in place of default avatar
  • Location, language, and anniversary date are displayed
  • Recognized Strengths lists strengths identified in recognition that the user has received
  • Following has tabs for those currently being followed by the user and for suggested people to follow

Settings & Privacy


  • Choose to show/not show recognition in public Social Feed
  • Choose to show/not show birthday (month/day)
  • Privacy Notice

My Account

  • Edit profile Image
  • Edit preferred first name
  • Edit email address
  • Edit preferred language

Delegates allows users to assign one person per program per time period to perform recognition activities on their behalf

Languages – Standard text for Culture Cloud website, mobile, communications and Award Store are currently supported in 26 languages:

  • German
  • English (UK/Canada)
  • English (US)
  • Indonesian (Bahasa)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Macedonian
  • Netherlands
  • Polish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Americas)
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian

My History shows recognition the user has received and sent, with points received and given, as well as Order History.

Notifications & Tasks collects all of your recognition activities in one place (sending and receiving recognition, joining initiatives, social posts) and displays tasks where action is needed, such as nomination approvals.

Culture Cloud Mobile (iOS & Android)

Our top-rated mobile app makes it easy to send and receive recognition and browse rewards on the go.

Send/Receive recognition

  • Send eCards or nominate for Awards
  • Choose a GIF, our library of beautifully designed cards or upload your own photo/video
  •  Include a Core Value (optional)
  • Schedule eCards to be sent at a later date (great for birthdays)
  • Award Assistant helps determine the appropriate award level for Award nominations
  • Save recognition as draft
  • Outbox sends recognition created while offline once user is back online
  • Schedule weekly reminder(s) to send recognition

Approve Award nominations

Present Awards

View/interact with Social Feed

  • Follow/unfollow other users
  • Search for people within your organization

Claim a Code

  • Enter reward code in app to redeem reward
  • Scan QR code on device to automatically go to app/redeem reward

My Team (for Managers)

  • Quickly recognize your entire team with pre-populated recognition form
  • View recognition history of team members
  • View team members who have not been recognized recently    


  • View Initiatives you are participating in
  • Like and comment on Initiative awards
  • View points remaining for Owner and Participants to give
  • Give Initiative awards (if allowed)    

Awards Store

  • Browse for products by Category
  • Filter product searches by price, relevance or product name
  • Filter products within your points range
  • Combine filters to find products suited to your needs
  • Save products to Wishlist
  • Save a default shipping address for quick and easy checkout  

Notification alerts (for all recognition activity)  


  • Change your avatar photo
  • Allow or deny access to Camera, Siri & Search, Notifications, and other settings on your device

Push notifications

  • Prompts users within the Culture Cloud mobile app for an enhanced experience


Welcome email introduces platform to new users; message is automated, configurable and is triggered by data file updates

Recognition activity emails are translated in all supported languages (see Global for list of languages)

Email Campaigns increase program engagement and participation

  • Prescriptive Nudges are targeted, smart nudges that auto-send based on user’s interactions in the recognition program
  • 30, 60, or 90 day ‘no give’ nudge is a reminder to recognize
  • Redemption nudge
  • ‘No Receive’ nudge reminds managers to recognize direct reports after 30, 60 and 90 days without recognition

Award Store

Our global Award Store allows recognition program participants to spend points on top-rated brands, gift cards, unique experiences, such as travel and concert tickets, and the option to donate points to favorite charities.

The Culture Cloud Award Store experience includes:

Smart search

Popular Brands displayed on the Store homepage provide immediate links to the brands and products employees want most

Categories help users easily filter products. (Specific categories may vary.)

Featured items include a hand-picked list of exceptional products chosen by our buyers

Awards in your Range auto-filters all products within the points range of the user, and can also be customized to filter all products within a specified points range.

Order Tracking links to order details where users can track and cancel orders

Wishlist saves all items the user has “liked” for future reference

Recognition banner displays the user’s latest recognition moment as a reminder of appreciation received.

Shopping Cart walks users through a seamless and secure checkout experience

  • Add/save commonly used shipping addresses
  • Address validation
  • Shipping status
  • Say Thank You option prompts users to keep the appreciation going

Store User Profile

  • Order History – lists all orders placed including status, date placed, shipping details, and the points used to place the order. Users can track and cancel orders if needed.
  • Privacy Notice
  • Address Book to manage commonly used addresses
  • Category Preferences provides users with an easy way to customize their own shopping experience with the products they enjoy the most
  • Product Warranty is the most accommodating and comprehensive in the industry
  • Help (FAQ)
  • Contact Us allows users to get in touch so we can provide world-class customer service

Admin and Manager Tools

Culture Cloud offers a suite of powerful management and assessment tools for recognition program Administrators. On the Admin Home page, program administrators can access reports and budgets, track employee recognition activity and use shortcuts to help recognition flow effortlessly throughout the organization.

Admin Home


Live Stats provides visibility to current-day recognition, account, and program activity. Information is refreshed every few minutes and shows data back to the previous day.

Impact Dashboard shows who is participating in giving and receiving recognition across the organization, with trends over time. “Visit data” helps admins understand how and when employees are using the recognition program.

Pulse Survey Dashboards – there are two dashboards to help admins understand the sentiment around and impact of recognition happening in your organization. These dashboards are populated by employee survey data.

  • User Experience Satisfaction shows overall program insights – such as satisfaction, observed recognition, and program familiarity – and compares results with our top 20 clients.
  • Culture and Business Impact Survey shows the cultural sentiment, NPS, and intention-to-leave differences between employees who have received recognition within 30 days compared to those who received recognition more than 30 days ago.

Flight Risk Dashboard helps program admins and sponsors understand the relationship between recognition and attrition. This reporting tool reveals the number of employees at risk of leaving the organization, as demonstrated by the relationship with the amount of recognition received.

Billing Dashboard is a SOC II compliant method of delivering invoice information with the ability to filter and schedule a report.

Trending Dashboard looks at activity over time to see the trends of recognition given and received with the option to filter by business structure, type of recognition or time frame.

Order Activity Dashboard provides details related to order redemption and activity.

Points Summary Dashboard shows points received, redeemed, and cancelled.

Mobile Activity Dashboard provides insights into usage and adoption of the Culture Cloud Mobile app by revealing who is using the app and for which actions.

Activity Dashboard provides a snapshot summary of recognition data by volume (broken into year-, quarter-, and month-to-date), business unit, award types, and comparisons over time.

Exceptions Dashboard allows Admins to easily identify questionable recognition activity that is outside of normal give and receive trends.

Data Export Tool helps admins track, adjust, and grow employee recognition programs with eight types of customizable Reports, including: recognition Activity, Billing Detail, Budget, Employee Visits, Orders, Payroll Issued, Payroll Redeemed, and Points Summary.

Manage Budget Tool helps admins track and manage nominations and monetary eCards as they are issued. There is a Business Budget to manage spending based on the business unit and parent business unit and a People Budget to manage spending based on employee and manager relationship.

The Budget Tool:

  • Provides real-time visibility of program spending, broken out by Business Unit or People budget (based on the hierarchy on your data file).
  • Prevents overspending by stopping the approval of nominations/sending of monetary eCards when funds for a specific group have been depleted
  • Controls overspending of the budget by a specific amount
  • Gives access to others within the program to administer or view the budget
  • Reminds employees to send recognition before their budget expires through automated configurable emails (for People budgets)

Employee Activity Tool allows admins to:

  • Search for users
  • View user profile information
  • View and take action on user activity
  • View, assign and modify delegation assignments users have set up

Group Deposit Tool allows admins to quickly and easily send points at scale with a personalized email notification:

  • Immediately send points or schedule for a future date
  • Create group recognition experiences for any size group
  • Personalize group deposit with a specific name and description of achievement
  • Download a group deposit report
  • Add a gif, video, or ecard from the Culture Cloud media library
  • Minimal setup, no approvals needed

Product Updates are available quarterly and can be accessed in the Culture Cloud Help Center under the “What’s New” section.

My Team page provides leaders with insights into their team members’ sent and received recognition so that they can encourage a culture of recognition.

Received – view current month totals for Team

  • Call out of high receivers and those who have not received this month

Sent – view current month totals for Team

  • Call out of high senders and those who have not sent this month

Connections - help managers easily see which departments their team is sending recognition to and receiving recognition from

Interactive Team table, with drill down options

View Team & downline reports

Options to recognize whole team, as well as individual team members

Ability to view direct report’s profile page, including received & sent Recognition History

Security/User Authentication

Because protecting client data is our top priority, Culture Cloud follows NIST best practices and controls to ensure data security and secure authentication.

Secure Data Load

  • File transfer via SFTP
  • API data load via encrypted endpoint (HTTPS)

Data Encryption at Rest

PII Segregation and Encryption

Secure Authentication Mechanisms

  • SSO via Saml 2.0
  • Encrypted IDP
  • Authenticated API calls with secure bearer tokens

Role-based Authorization for fine-grained access control

Web traffic redirects all HTTP requests to HTTPS

Web traffic encrypted using 2048-bit RSA encryption

Web uses 3rd party verifiable certificates, signed with SHA-256

Help Center

The Help Center allows users to learn more about Culture Cloud products, share feedback, access our Chat feature and User Guide, and gives admins a quick link to access our quarterly product updates.

  • Order tracking – review your Award Store orders in My History, including order/shipping dates and delivery status
  • User Guide – access our step-by-step instructional guide to every part of the Culture Cloud experience
  • Getting started – provides a quick tutorial on how to recognize someone, spend points, join an Initiative, and download the Culture Cloud mobile app
  • Feedback – allows users to share feedback on their recognition experience, including options for written comments and the opportunity to chat with a Culture Cloud representative
  • What’s new – view our quarterly product updates here
  • Chat – get help with a question or problem immediately
  • Contact us – share questions about your employee recognition program, items in our store, orders, returns, and other issues