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Align goals and values with actions.

Values are great. Results are even better. How do you connect the two so your corporate values live in the hearts, minds, and daily priorities of every employee? Easy. Just communicate your strategic goals and values through one of O.C. Tanner’s many value-driven recognition solutions.

Effective communication helps companies thrive.

Companies that communicate see higher shareholder returns.

Average employee engagement levels increase significantly.

Employee turnover drops and top talent remains engaged.

Millennials are more engaged when they feel connected to the corporation’s mission.

This rising generation is the fastest growing segment of the workforce and research says these workers need a clear line of sight to business strategy in order to perform their jobs well. Millennials simply demand to know their work has purpose.

In companies with an O.C. Tanner recognition solution, 93% of employees support the values of their organization.

“Our recognition solution is a strategic business tool and not an HR initiative.” IAIN MACKINNON Global Reward Manager, National Grid

95% of the 26,000 global employees of National Grid feel award presentations connect their contributions to company values.

Recognition improves communication.

Communication improves recognition.

To achieve its full potential, your recognition program needs to be well promoted. O.C. Tanner’s industry-leading communication pros can create campaigns that more than double your program’s utilization and reach.

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