making great places to work

7 Best Practices for Creating
a Great Place to Work


Insights from Charlotte L. Miller, O.C. Tanner’s Senior Vice President, People & Great Work
Thursday, June 11th
2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT


Yearbook™ started a service award revolution.


As the biggest innovation in service awards in 50 years, Yearbook has earned the right to be called a game-changer. Hundreds of thousands of recipients have loved the way Yearbook transforms service awards into unforgettable celebrations among friends at work. Check out Yearbook.


Our popular new Numeral™ awards capture career stages in trophies people love. Available in clear acrylic or metallic versions, Numerals can be customized to complement your brand or companion Yearbook.


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Stay in the know

Why over 8000 clients partner with O.C. Tanner.

Innovative Technologies

O.C. Tanner equals cloud-based. Social. Big data. Analytics. HRIS integration.

Awards Strategy

True symbols of achievement. Brand name and custom design. Variety beyond gift cards.

Accomplish Great Work

Learn to do great work. The world's largest study. Bestselling books and workshops.

True Global Reach

Boots on the ground. Local sources and cultural sensibility. Translation that's more than skin deep.

Proven Expertise

O.C. Tanner listens to you. We have flexible solutions for multiple programs. Deep knowledge of what works and when.

Experiences we create

Online and offline. Peer-to-peer and manager. Performance and Career Stages.

Social technology helps you broadcast recognition company wide.

'a' Magazine: inspiring a-games, a-teams, a-players.

Recognition = Innovation

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