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We help companies appreciate employees who do great work. Because when someone loves your great work, it helps you grow. In talent. In purpose. In commitment. That’s why companies who excel at rewarding greatness, are the ones who achieve it.

Recognition Everywhere

Our mobile solutions are global and easy to use no matter where you are.

We’re a great place to work supporting other great places to work. 30 Fortune Best Companies To Work For® use an O.C. Tanner solution (including us).

We have thousands of satisfied clients.

Read a few of their stories.

When your reputation is at stake, trust ours.

System up-time

on-time delivery

client recommended

O.C. Tanner gives you the best of all employee recognition worlds.


Celebrate each career anniversary with a keepsake that honors contribution.


Share what great work looks like with cloud based technology and tools.


Inspire people to make a difference with training for leaders and employees.


Our innovative cloud-based technology powers the programs that help your people accomplish and appreciate great work.


Make recognition memorable with everything from gift cards to brand name awards.


Bring realtime employee wellness data into your programs to make well-being social, mobile and fun.

'a' Magazine: inspiring a-games, a-teams, a-players.

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