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When 400 Qualcomm officers and vice presidents from around the world filed in to a special meeting at the invitation of their CEO, they wondered what he had to say that would warrant such a gathering.

Qualcomm, a multi-billion dollar powerhouse in mobile technology, has earned its position as a market leader. In fact, chances are good that you have multiple Qualcomm technologies driving the smartphone or tablet you’re using to read this article.

So what would be the central focus of the CEO’s message? It was all about one word: “Yes.” + Read More

10 simple tips for 365 days of green


Whether your workplace is already leading the way with environmentally-friendly options, or just beginning to put green practices into play, in honor of Earth Day (tomorrow!), consider these 10 simple tips to get—and stay—green at work:

1.  Create a green committee.
It’s great to nurture a green work environment on Earth Day, but it really needs to be nurtured all year long. Solicit the help of employees who are interested in serving on a committee that maintains, measures, and maximizes your organization’s eco-friendly efforts 365 days a year. + Read More

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Fulham Football Club (FFC) is one of the many storied sports franchises in the United Kingdom. And just to be clear for my American friends, I’m talking about soccer. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at the magnificent FFC stadium and touring the grounds. Founded in 1879, this amazing stadium truly defines the term ‘old school’ with its beautiful architecture and rich history. More importantly, this organization has a culture of appreciation rich in focused and purposeful recognition. Let me explain. + Read More

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You took the leap and asked the most important question: will you be my mentor? But now what? Getting the conversation started with a new mentor can be intimidating, if not downright difficult.

Start by asking your mentor these five questions to ensure you build the foundation for a successful relationship. + Read More


“There is a race to finish,” she said. “But, kids don’t understand that there are no points awarded for finishing first.”

These are the wise words of First Grade teacher, Laura Spackeen at Hopi Elementary in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s referring to something that all of us can probably remember—the one kid who completed the classroom assignment long before anyone else was even close to finishing. Of course, as kids, we didn’t get to see that kid’s grades. But, when you’re a parent of that kid, you get to see all the mistakes. + Read More

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Pygmalion is a sculptor in Greek mythology who falls in love with a statue he carved out of ivory. According to the myth, his statue is so realistic that he begins to offer the statue gifts. Eventually Pygmalion prays to Aphrodite and begs her to make the statue come to life. Aphrodite shows pity, realizing his love for the statue is real, and grants his wish.

If we truly believe in something, can we make it happen? The Pygmalion theory and research data suggest that people will perform to a greater level, even though they may not accomplish the goal. + Read More


Equal Pay Day is observed in April. Each year the date symbolizes how far into the current year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. Equal Pay Day was originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996 as a public awareness event to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages.  

I always grit my teeth when discussions turn to the wage gap: the oft-cited statistic that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. For the last week, the internet has been filled with articles regarding this issue and while I agree that blatant discrimination certainly exists and should be eradicated, there’s something else we should talk about when it comes to the wage gap.  + Read More


I admit. I was skipping school. It’s that simple. But what’s a 17 year-old kid supposed to do when the boss sends out a memo that reads: “All Hands On Deck Meeting. EVERYONE MUST ATTEND!”

When I was a teenager, I worked at a radio station as a part-time disc jockey. Okay, so I was the guy who got all the horrible shifts—the late nights, the early mornings on the weekend, and all the stuff nobody else wanted to do. But I loved it. I loved every second of it. And I would do anything to impress the boss—I followed all the rules.  + Read More