Often the driving force behind an RFP, an HR SVP/VP, occasionally takes on the task of finding a new recognition provider at the request of the CHRO. They usually have a few reports at the manager or director level. Many times they are an HR generalist, but if they’re a specialist, they have a background in Total Rewards or Compensation and Benefits.

Their key drivers are career advancement and the desire to make a large impact in a relatively short period of time. Their goals include addressing low retention and engagement, improving culture, and developing a better approach to recognition.

This subset of prospective clients sees employee recognition as a critical element of Human Resources and expects their solution to help them retain their best people. Here’s how they view their current solutions.

This target audience is more involved in the process—from beginning to end—than anyone else in the organization. Whether they initiated the search for a solution, or it was assigned to them, they often lead the effort.

These potential clients crave information around best practices in the early stages of the buying process—and always want to know what’s new.

This information comes from dozens of hour-long interviews with individuals involved in the purchase of a recognition solution in the past 12 months. Much of what is included here are verbatim comments, listed in order of most frequently mentioned. Because all interviewees purchased, this does not include data on what happens when the buying process stalls out.

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