The technology expert on the buying team, the IT SVP or VP joins early in the process to help assemble a list of acceptable vendors. They play a critical role in the RFP, during user tests, and post-sale.

More strategic and more involved in the buying process than their counterparts in mid-size companies, IT leaders are strong advocates for their fellow employees regarding UX. They play a critical role in the buyer journey, especially user tests: “If those go south, everything goes south.”

IT leaders appreciate being involved in the buying process, so relationships and a degree of ownership are already in place post-sale. This is important because sometimes HR can become a gatekeeper. Engaging IT regularly post-sale around continual improvement is key to retention.

As previously mentioned, IT Leaders help create the initial vendor list. But they also help whittle it down for the RFP and the final decision, and provide valuable insights in every phase, including post-sale, on how to ensure a great user experience.

IT leaders prefer proven vendors, but will support a new technology if they’re convinced it will meet strategic needs, reduce complexity, and provide an intuitive user experience their co-workers will love. They appreciate early involvement in the buying process.

This information comes from dozens of hour-long interviews with individuals involved in the purchase of a recognition solution in the past 12 months. Much of what is included here are verbatim comments, listed in order of most frequently mentioned. Because all interviewees purchased, this does not include data on what happens when the buying process stalls out.

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