Do more with the latest version of Culture Cloud

Culture Cloud is constantly improving. Check out what’s new! Then learn what you need to do to help your update go smoothly.

Enjoy a simpler, more intuitive home page.

Streamlined navigation lets employees access their user profile, give recognition, or shop with a single click. Likewise, leaders can view program metrics and impact instantly via My Team and Admin home. Employees can search and follow other team member profiles.

Make identifying your program easy across notifications, apps, and locations.

The Culture Cloud icon acts as a consistent link between your program website, system alerts, emails, plug-ins for Outlook, Chrome, Gmail, and the mobile app store. So employees can easily identify and access your recognition program anywhere.

Celebrate your culture with bold new branding.

A larger program banner and new logo placement keep your company and recognition theme front and center.

Explore the essential and reimagined Social Feed.

Your social feed is the epicenter of your recognition solution. Employees who engage with the social feed give recognition at 10x the rate of those who don’t. In Culture Cloud, profile photos and bold award banners make scanning for achievements fun and easy. Plus, the feed defaults to friends you follow, so your first view is success stories of people you know.

See recognition activity at a glance with My Team.

Leaders access real time recognition activity in seconds and click on any employee to see a detailed view. If needed, you can still request and create your own detailed reports.

Take action with combined notifications.

View all of your activities in a single place. Just one click reveals user updates and required actions like approvals.

Recognize anywhere with Culture Cloud mobile.

Boost participation with our top-rated mobile app which includes an easier give flow, shopping via the new Culture Cloud Store, and Initiatives, all with easy sign-on and no pairing code.

Improve recognition access with plug-ins and extensions.

Make celebrating even more effortless by integrating recognition tools into the programs employees use every day like Outlook, Chrome, Gmail, and more.

Encourage use with System Emails.

System emails show employees why recognition is important and how to use key Culture Cloud capabilities.

Educate users with the Help Center.

The Help Center—along with in-app prompts—is always there to answer questions and encourage participation.

Inform your employees with targeted Communication Plays.

Notify employees about these changes and teach them how to get the most from your recognition program with communication campaigns that include posters, online banners, and emails. Contact your O.C. Tanner rep for more information.

Create recognition experiences for offline employees

For those employees who don’t work at a computer, Reward Codes deliver on-the-spot employee recognition in a meaningful way. Reward Codes can be generated in bulk by your O.C. Tanner account specialist, then printed and presented to employees to redeem in the Culture Cloud store or add to their bank account. Unique to the Culture Cloud platform, the recognition can be personalized with a description of achievement, nominator, and corporate value.

Don’t forget to review the to-do list here to help your update go smoothly.


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