To-Dos and Tips

Prepare for a smooth transition to your improved recognition platform.


* Your program configuration is unique to your company. Names and features may vary.

Important to-dos for a successful update

1. Allow employees to receive Culture Cloud system emails

Please have your admin adjust the email allow/deny list and allow network domain access to the following urls prior to your launch date:

2. Data file and home page banner.

We will review your existing file and let you know if any changes are needed. Our team will adapt your current home page banner for the new UX.

3. SSO authentication

Culture Cloud will use the same SSO connection that you have in legacy, yet there are a few important differences.

We’ve added a layer of security to our authentication process. Our legacy technology leverages either Service-Provider-initiated (SP) or Identity-Provider-initiated (IPD) Single Sign-On (SSO). Culture Cloud leverages both SP/IPD for a more seamless experience. Current clients must ensure both IDP and SP initiated SSO is configured and enabled. Click here for full detail.

Tips for Success

Culture Cloud was designed to make administration easy. But no technology can completely replace the talent, enthusiasm, and great work of your HR team.

Here are a few pointers to get the most out of Culture Cloud:

Pre-launch: spread the word

Even though automated system emails will encourage people to log in to Culture Cloud and download the mobile app, hearing from you is important. Encourage everyone to watch for system emails. Then spread enthusiasm for Culture Cloud through these methods of communication:

  • An executive announcement in a company-wide meeting
  • Leader announcements in team meetings
  • Regular emails from HR or the executive team
  • Messages in Slack, MS Teams, Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, or other

Launch day: shower everyone with points

Highly recommended. Nothing gets people to log in and check out a new recognition program quite like finding out that they have received some points.

Whether budgets let you go big or small, consider using Group Deposit to appreciate every employee, with points, on launch day.

Week one: enlist champions

Light a fire for Culture Cloud through a network of champions. Identify a few leaders and employees as champions and teach them to give recognition often and share their success stories. Here’s how:

  1. Make a list of likely candidates throughout your organization.
  2. Meet with champions and rally them to the cause.
  3. Teach champions how to lead recognition by example and inspire others.
  4. Encourage champions to share their positive recognition experiences.
  5. Recognize and reward champions to celebrate the impact they are creating.

Week two: inspire appreciation

Culture Cloud Learning microcourses create lasting behavioral change, increasing recognition by up to 350%. Five interactive, self-paced modules are available for upload to your Learning Management System. If interested, contact your client success specialist. Roll out any or all of these courses to fit your needs:

  • The Case for Integrated Recognition
  • Recognition Best Practices
  • Encouraging Effort
  • Recognizing Results
  • Honoring Career Milestones

Week three: reward early adopters

Use your Solution Impact Dashboard to spot top recognizers and then reward them publicly (and generously) for leading out. If you haven’t already, consider inviting early adopters to become champions.

Also consider creating a contest. Use Initiatives to establish company-wide recognition goals and benchmarks and reward employees who achieve them.

Week four: encourage initiatives

Delight leaders with the possibility of creating their own team-level programs to set goals, establish rewards, and inspire their teams to succeed:

  1. Meet with leaders to demonstrate how Initiatives work.
  2. Have leaders choose a goal and create a new Initiative for their teams.
  3. Launch Initiatives on a team-by-team basis to motivate and inspire success.

Week five: begin measuring outcomes

Soon after your Culture Cloud upgrade, a Culture Survey will be sent to a subset of your employees to measure employee passion, engagement, enthusiasm, and belonging. Use your Solution Impact and Culture Survey dashboards to:

  1. Create an action plan to identify the culture changes you’d like to see.
  2. Track improvements over time within your organization.
  3. See how your organization is performing versus other Culture Cloud clients.
  4. Combine results with other measurement tools, if any, for a complete picture.
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