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When an individual or team goes above and beyond to deliver great work, celebrate out loud!  Presenting an award in person (or over the phone for remote workers) not only honors what's being accomplished, it lets everyone listening know what your organization values most of all.

Start an Award Nomination

Keep your eyes open for great work and make a point of nominating deserving individuals and teams for an award.

Gather the Team

When the nomination is approved, print out the award certificate(s) and call a team meeting, schedule a dial-in call, or use time during a regular huddle to present the award in person.

Tell the Story

Whenever possible, describe how the accomplishment brings to life what your organization stands for.  Connecting great work to core values makes them more than a set of words: it shows people are walking the walk!


That's it! Simple, right?  You'll quickly find that these celebratory moments build team unity, foster trust, and inspire others.

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