Career Anniversary

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When a team member has a big service milestone, don't let it go unrecognized -- make some noise!  Celebrating careers helps build trust, strengthens loyalty, inspires peers, and creates tighter team connections.

Make it Personal

It's important to know your team and what makes each of them feel appreciated. Also, a great celebration should reflect the length of service. Keep the event easy and informal for lower years; build in significance as a career grows.

Invite People They Know

Set a date as close to the actual anniversary as possible and invite team members and other work associates, leaders, business partners, and others to attend. Ask 2 to 3 people who know the person well to say a few words of appreciation at the event.

Plan Your Remarks

Jot down your thoughts about how the person has made a difference. Don't worry, we'll step you through building a short presentation you can print.


Present their service award in person. Then invite everyone to congratulate the recipient and gather for a group picture. You may want to record the event so they can share it with family and friends.

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