Q1 2022 Product Update

Culture Cloud

INITIATIVES: Delegation allows specific employees to give recognition and promote initiatives on behalf of executives. We are also introducing employee email validation for file uploads to improve the management of initiatives. We have streamlined the reporting process by allowing admins to choose from All Initiatives or an individual initiative when downloading and exporting within a selected timeframe. Participant lists can also be downloaded for specific initiatives to keep for reporting, use in bulk awards, or transfer to a new initiative.  

Multi-Award Give allows different awards to be given together as one team give event. This allows teams to celebrate successes together while awards are tailored to the individual. Dynamic Participant Segmentation removes the manual work of managing participant eligibility as file uploads, groups, and individuals can be included or excluded from initiative segments.

ADMIN HOME. GROUP DEPOSITS: Admins will now be able to view details about a group deposit sender in their export reports.

NUDGES: Users who have not given recognition in 30, 60, or 90 days are prompted with a reminder to recognize.

MY TEAM: To help leaders easily see the breakdown of recognition in their teams, we’ve added graph and recognition hover states. This allows leaders to quickly see the recognition sent in any given month. Leaders can also now easily recognize their whole team by clicking the “Recognize Team” button.

PROFILE: To enhance the user experience, A My History tab will show the user’s point balance, recognition, redemption, and order activity.