Share goals.
Share success.

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With Initiatives, the Culture Cloud® platform offers simple yet powerful ways to unite employees around core values, motivate teams to collaborate on key objectives, and celebrate each other’s contributions to group success.

Bring people (and programs) together

Collective purpose is a powerful motivator

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Rally teams

Clear targets.
Clear rewards.
Can’t lose.

Foster connection

Encourage cross-functional teamwork

Manage performance

Align goals and track progress

Consolidate programs

Less administration. More success.

Build skills

Support growth and hone dynamic teams

Stay compliant

Make it mandatory, but make it fun

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Employees with strong connections to their team are


more likely to thrive at work.

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As a result of using Culture Cloud Initiatives, 3M experienced stronger team collaboration and increased employee engagement.

Boost any initiative

Include employees in team goals that create innovation, engagement, and community (and reward them along the way)

Gamify the nonnegotiables

Create initiatives that reward clean workspaces, equipment checks, compliance certifications, forklift safety, information security awareness, and more.


Highly integrated recognition increases odds of high employee engagement, which is linked to 64% fewer employee safety incidents. Learn more

Go deeper than closed deals

With Culture Cloud Initiatives, you can target any sales metric you like, such as revenue, churn rate, response time, and calls per day. Daily or weekly awards can ladder up to quarterly or annual goals.


Organizations with integrated recognition that rewards both small and large efforts are 44% less likely to have employees suffering from burnout.
Learn more

NewYork-Presbyterian rewards employees through communication plays that tie points to referrals and other important initiatives.
Learn more

Include employees in talent acquisition

Reward employees for referring candidates for key positions. With Culture Cloud Initiatives, you can easily cater the award level to the role and create special awards for referrals that lead to hires.

Encourage employees’ growth

Our research shows that skill building opportunities are crucial to retaining employees. Culture Cloud Initiatives is designed to help you create programs that incentivize training, education, and mentorship. Learn more


greater odds of employees planning to work at their organizations one year in the future when leaders and organizations support skill building.

Build healthy, happy teams

With Culture Cloud Initiatives, it’s easy to create programs that support movement, nutrition, good sleep habits, financial planning, book clubs, getting outside, and more.


of companies with strategic, holistic wellbeing programs saw improvements in their company cultures. Learn more

Hit key deadlines

Motivate teams to launch brands, products, features, services, or stores on time, with rewards at key mileposts. Culture Cloud’s social recognition tools help balance extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Learn more

At Ocwen, employees participate in corporate social responsibility activities and leaders use Culture Cloud to recognize the employees who volunteer and make these initiatives successful. Learn more

Support what your people care about

Through DEIB, sustainability, volunteering, voting, and fundraising initiatives, Culture Cloud can help you make a difference in your community.

Make any outcome happen

Ignite teams or catalyze the whole company. Reflect core values or KPIs. Influence everything from lead gen to lean production. Culture Cloud Initiatives can help you move the needle in virtually every area of your business.

Build and manage programs your way

On and off toggle

Configurable settings

Control permissions, point budgets, approvals, notifications, and more.

New Initiative button

Self service

Allow anyone to create and manage an initiative.

Point levels


Easily set award point values and tie awards to goals within the initiative.

Culture Cloud Award Store

Award Store

Employees redeem points for things they love.

Peer recognition

Employees can give each other points for contributing to goals.

Social media features - like, comment, follow

Social tools

Post and follow updates and like and comment on award wins.

Platform at a Glance

Culture Cloud Initiatives includes access to:


Research and Assessment

We’ll help you track and understand important metrics around engagement, attrition, great work, and belonging using proprietary methodologies.

Learn more


Through a variety of learning modalities, we’ll help your team understand the why and how of recognition to maximize platform impact.

Learn more

Custom Award Design

We partner with you to create bespoke symbols of accomplishment and belonging that will elevate your recognition strategy.

Learn more

Features and Capabilities


Culture Cloud connects to the apps and systems you use every day, so recognition is frictionless.

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Mobile app

Never miss a crucial moment to recognize someone. Giving and receiving recognition on the go is easy.


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