A selection of custom awards designed by O.C. Tanner including a Dominos Pizza logo, Pepsi trophy, and a Marriott luggage cart symbolic award.

Custom Awards

Storytelling symbols that strengthen culture

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Custom awards are a unique part of the Culture Cloud® platform, the most complete collection of recognition software and services. Each award is designed to reflect your culture and tie appreciation to collective purpose. Explore the possibilities.

Gather custom award inspiration

See our custom awards team in action. What can we help you create?

Custom numeral for service awards manufactured by O.C. Tanner


Careerscape icon



Logo branded merchandise

Logo-branded merch


Interactive awards that grow with your employees and your company

Starbucks custom branded Careerscape designed by O.C. Tanner

Careerscapes offer a single, beautiful place for employees to collect symbols of personal achievement, company history, and corporate milestones. We work closely with you to design the perfect custom icons to tell your story.

Careerscape name personalization

Personalized for each employee

Pokemon Careerscape icon

Visualize unique career journeys

Pokemon Careerscape background designed by O.C. Tanner

Fully customized acrylic background

A variety of
high-quality materials

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The odds of retention are

2x Higher

in the first year if employees receive a symbolic award.

O.C. Tanner Global Culture Report

“Employees appreciate the custom awards they receive and display them proudly in their workspaces. They’re like status symbols.”

Human Resources Analyst, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

Symbolic awards for every moment

Given consistently, symbolic awards enrich the entire employee experience and lead to a sustained impact on company culture.

Turn milestones into peak recognition moments

We’ll partner with you to make work anniversaries feel personal, memorable, and connected to team and company success.

Custom branded Careerscape and icons designed and manufactured by O.C. Tanner

After pandemic shutdowns, Pokemon welcomed their employees back to the office with a custom Careerscape on every desk.
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Unite everyone with culturally specific symbols

Let’s co-create beautiful, unexpected awards that bring your brand to life in a tangible way your employees will treasure. We design and manufacture everything in house, and we’ll manage delivery to every employee.

For each year of safe driving, FedEx celebrates drivers with custom coins. “We have statistical and anecdotal evidence that receiving the awards has a positive correlation with the reduction of accidents.”
Susan Henry
HR Business Advisor - Safety, FedEx

An award as impressive as the work

Whether you’re recognizing major innovations, top performers, or exceptional acts of core values, we’ll help you give the achievement the treatment it deserves.

Lasting reminders of team accomplishments

When employees work together to create breakthrough products or hit tough deadlines or quotas, a thoughtfully designed custom award serves as an enduring source of team pride.


Employees with strong connections to their teams are 10x more likely to thrive at work. Learn more

Leverage our nearly 100 years of custom award design experience

100% Custom

No two designs are the same. We co-create each award with you.

O.C. Tanner Award Designer


We work with you to design awards that embody your core company values and inspire your employees.

Finishing touches and polishes on a custom award icon

Substantial and sustainable

Made from a variety of high-quality, recyclable materials, our awards are built to last.


We ship our awards all over the world, with 99% on-time delivery.


We stand behind our awards with a 5-year warranty and 90-day exchange policy.

Custom branded icon for a Careerscape designed by O.C. Tanner

Experiential packaging

Every award comes in high-end presentation packaging. Ask us about further customization.

An Olympic ring for Team USA created by O.C. Tanner

Greatness on the biggest stages

We’re honored to create custom awards that celebrate Olympic athletes, artists, philanthropists, and other inspirational public figures.

Platform at a Glance

Amplify the impact of your custom awards with the complete Culture Cloud platform experience:


Research and Assessment

We’ll help you track and understand important metrics around engagement, attrition, great work, and belonging using proprietary methodologies.

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Through a variety of learning modalities, we’ll help your team understand the why and how of recognition to maximize platform impact.

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Custom Award Design

We partner with you to create bespoke symbols of accomplishment and belonging that will elevate your recognition strategy.

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Features and Capabilities


Culture Cloud connects to the apps and systems you use every day, so recognition is frictionless.

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Mobile app

Never miss a crucial moment to recognize someone. Giving and receiving recognition on the go is easy.


Be in good company

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Let’s build it together

Strengthen your culture with the Culture Cloud recognition platform today.

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